Monday, 28 May 2007


HELLO ! This is my new freebie for you :-)

link is HERE


Ramalka said...

Oh Am I first or what?? lol

nadherna kombinace barev Dypecku, moc moc libi diky fiky sikulo

no asi nez to dopisu tak prvni urco nebudu. Pls porad jak na blog vlozit obr aby se mi kliknuti na nej takhle hezky zvetsil jako u Tebe ??

Moni said...

Your PP`s are such fabulous Katka!!!

Thank you soooo much for your sweet comment on my Blog :-))
I`m sooo pleased and happy!!!

Your Layouts are all *AWESOME*!!!

Have a terrifc week :-))

your Moni

pett said...

Krasny papiry Dype,jsem rada, ze jsem te ukecala na ten Blog.
Very cute joob

redju said...

I was looking for green papers!!!! Sweet! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful paper pack! The LO you did with it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

DigiScrapDepot said...

Hi! I want to invite you ( i dont see your on my list) to post your previews/freebies of samples of your work on my site. Its free. You will get alot of exposure for your work because I have alot of traffic that comes to look at the different designers. Give it a shot.. I hope to chat with you soon,

Vicky Laursen