Wednesday, 13 June 2007

new freebie and new LO

Hi everyone, how are you? It's smokin' hot over here so I've got a little refreshment for you: new freebie and new LO

So please LEAVE ME A COMMENT if you download it. Your comments is very important for me, because I would like to know that you satisfied with my freebie.

freebie mini kit diablo link HERE

credit and journaling HERE


Andy said...

Dypecek beuatiful LO and wonderful freebie.

Dypecku fakt nádherné LO. Už jsem ti ho chválila na SA a úžasné freebie. Moc se ti to povedlo.

Ostatně jako vždy.

SAHM said...

Had a chuckle at your kit's name - because where I live there is a Mt. Diabo - and we're going through a MAJOR heatwave right now ... so imagine my surprise that you're not near where I live. :-)

Anonymous said...

very pretty! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Lovely LO. Thank you for sharing!


Garynka said...

This layout is so cute! I love the one tone color LO!
Thank you for sharing your awesome freebie!