Sunday, 11 November 2007

calendars , calendars, calendars !!!!


Are you looking for a calendar for next year already?
The same goes with me only that I already finished the one with Valentina for my family. Or at least I hope I will not change it anymore, month of October I did twice already. You can see the pages on my galleries.

I would like to share with you also the ones that I made for someone else.
These are the pictures I shot for a friend of mine...

And this is the calendar I did from them:

And these are the calendar pages I made in cooperation with Aprilmouse for the czech server

frames by Nancy Comelab


Anonymous said...

very cute! I need to get my calendar pages done. Im slacking this year

Gina said...

Oh! I LOVE those sepia-toned photos! They're fabulous! And the calendar pages you made with them - gorgeous!

Andrea said...

Oh you do beautiful work! Your photos are gorgeous!

Cyndy said...

Pretty calendars!

Purple Frog said...

Very cute calendar!!

love your photography :)

Garynka said...

LOVE your new header Katka!!! It looks absolutely fabulous!
You did a great job on the calendars! You rock my friend!!!

Flergs said...

Looks great!! I have just done my calendars too, a lot differently though. Love the aged look on yours, just beautiful!!

Nikolette said...

Dypecku, nadherna zmena - ta bila tomu jen prospela :) A ze delas ty nejnadhernejsi kalendare snad ani nemusim dodavat! Hodne stesti, drzim palce!